Mon, 05/13/2019

Today's cool reading is:

Cira NJ, Benusiglio A, Prakash M. 2015. Vapour-mediated sensing and motility in two-component droplets. Nature. 519(7544):446–50

Fri, 02/15/2019

The reading of the day is:

Aguilar J, Monaenkova D, Linevich V, Savoie W, Dutta B, Kuan H-S, et al. Collective clog control: Optimizing traffic flow in confined biological and robophysical excavation. Science. 2018;361(6403):672–7. 

Perhaps the best paper I have read this year.

Tue, 07/24/2018

Recommended reading of the day is:

Desai, S. B. et al. MoS2 transistors with 1-nanometer gate lengths. Science 354, 99–102 (2016)

Tue, 06/12/2018

Recommended reading today is:

Geim, A. K. & Grigorieva, I. V. Van der Waals heterostructures. Nature 499, 419–425 (2013)